EC&I 831

Why blogging?

Sue Waters definitely inspires some of my ideas around blogging.
There are just so many benefits that blog could offer us: recording our experiences and reflecting on them, inviting comments from others so that we are not restricted by our own views, connecting with people and developing our social network.
It is very interesting that through blogging, we may get to know someone who previously has no presence in our life, and who may later become source of information and support for our learning and living experiences. Since the world is becoming more and more connected today, it makes much more sense for me that people make use of internet to connect with each other and exchange their views and sparkling ideas.
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2 thoughts on “Why blogging?

  1. Yes I have the similar feeling with you. It’s so magical to know strangers through our blogs, and find connections with more and more people. It’s absolutely the charm of blogging. However, as we discussed in class, how to deal with private blogs and public blogs? Will everyone we don’t know before is willing to know our personal life and thoughts? I feel a little confused.

    • Hi Fei, you definitely raised a very interesting question. I think that blogging provides a good platform for those who wish to share their experiences and ideas with more people beyond geographic boundaries. However, it is really an individual choice when it comes to with whom we want to develop more connections.

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