EC&I 831

Protect your privacy

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This article about Instagram that Jessica shared in the google community reminds me of the importance of online privacy settings. Instagram is becoming a popular app among kids, because it’s fun and easy to edit and share photos, and upload photos to different social networks.

In the class we have discussed that everything we post online is like footprints which would be existing forever. So it is important to remind kids as well as ourselves to pay attention to whatever we post and share with others online. To remind kids of the importance of online security is one part of digital literacy.

The danger of ignoring online security settings could be huge. Infact, there have been reported several cybercrime cases related to the incautious use of WeChat, which is a multimedia communication app for smartphones first released in 2011 in mainland China. Its use has expanded so quickly that in only less than three years’ time, it has reached more than 300 milion users. Anyone who provides a QQ or Facebook account, or a celphone number can sign up for WeChat. Many people did not use the privacy settings, so that strangers could access to their personal information and photos. This leaves large space for criminality. It is not new to hear people suffering from online scams or even followed and attached by strangers who got all the personal information through WeChat.

So it’s never too bother to look at our online privacy settings. Be aware of these privacy issues could help to protect us from the unsafety and make better use of communication technologies.

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